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Career Counseling

Career Counseling is a professional consultation provided by a professional counselor to help people choose their careers successfully. Whether the client is new to the world of work or just wants to change the profession, the career guide will be able to direct him in the best possible direction. Starting with interviews, identifying skills and personality traits, you are finished looking for the right job. Career guidance includes a wide range of professional activities that help people make complex career decisions, face difficult situations, deal with career challenges, and explore other career options. It provides guidance in different environments and individually or groups.
The career leader holds an educational degree in counseling and has experience in career development theory, extension techniques, management and professional information resources.

Choosing a profession.
Choosing a job is a necessary task, but at the same time it is a difficult choice. It is not easy to choose a profession that will be suitable for you. Professional guidance helps individuals evaluate their behavior, needs and desires to get a career that works for them. This kind of consultation is considered a necessary step before making future professional decisions

Who needs career guidance:
Career development is a lifelong process, so career counseling is appropriate for all people including new employees, young people, the elderly, and even graduates.
A professional counselor will assist you in that
– Discover yourself and what you want to get from education, profession and the future.
– Listen to your thoughts and your questions and feelings, whether it is towards career options and education.
– Identify the factors that influence your career development and help you assess your interests and abilities.
– Take the next step and create a plan to achieve your goals and ambitions.

How professional guidance helps you:
The therapist will help you discover your skills and strengths. To discuss your educational level, the psychologist may suggest that you complete graduate studies, identify your interests and personal choices, and the therapist may suggest taking an IQ test.

Some topics that the therapist will discuss with you:
Some skills and talents, which can benefit the future profession.
The high degree of science that is required for some professions.
The potential physical income of each profession.
In the daily work environment, some people like to work in the office but some prefer to work in an external environment.
Opportunities for development and change offered by the profession required.
The skill set required by the chosen profession.

Asking us for help:
If you or someone you know needs this service, please feel free to contact us at SoundHeart Counseling for the appropriate diagnosis and treatment. You can also book an appointment immediately by clicking on the following link.

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