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About Us


To inspire, to educate, to discover


To make the excellent mental health services accessible




We believe in providing treatment that is strengths-based and solution-focused.
We believe you should be treated as a whole person (body & mental).
We collaborate with others when it is indicated and authorized. This includes other healthcare providers, hospitals, and
We individualize treatment that match your needs.
We provide progress and outcomes in treatment.
We believe in providing the most cost-effective care, in the least restrictive setting

We provide mental health services in-person and/or online. in home counselling could be provided as well. Some of the areas of interest include, but are not limited to the following:
Marriage & family counselling
Mental Illness & mood/personality disorders.
Self-Esteem & Self-Acceptance.
Suicide Ideation & self-harming Behaviors.
Chronic Illness and Chronic Pain.
Identity & Personal Understanding & Growth.
Relaxation/ Meditation & wellness.
We have trained cognitive behavior therapist and our therapeutic style is inspired by positive psychology and mindfulness. while traditional psychology is criticized because of the stigma and labeling of patients and focusing on what’s wrong with them, positive psychology focuses on what is right with clients in their journey towards healing and wellness.
Therapy can be a tremendously rewarding and enlightening experience, leading to life-long changes in thoughts, behavior, and interpersonal relationships. We look forward to working with you towards achieving your goals in a safe, secure, non-judgmental place.
Because happiness and wellness are attainable and sustainable.