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Purposeful Parenting

Fatherhood and motherhood are considered some of the great transformations in life, despite moments of joy experienced during this transformation in life, great amounts of pressure and tension are to be endured as a result of the need to provide the best education and environment for the child.

All children are born with the desire to learn new skills. All children want to grow up, learn, contribute and communicate with others. Our specialized advisory team provides advice and instructions that enable parents to achieve all of the above.
The Center offers a variety of programs that aim to support parents and develop their skills in education and dealing with children such as the program of meaningful education, the program of education skills and the program of positive behavior and evaluation.
Positive parenting: a parenting program aims to train new parenting a new way of parenting where the child treated with respect, free from fear of violence and shame, and guided with loving encouragement.
Positive Discipline: a parenting program designed to teach young people to become responsible, respectful, and resourceful members of their communities .Parenting with Positive Discipline means being kind and firm at the same time, which is effective long-term and helps children feel a connection — a sense of belonging and significance.

How can we help?
Our specialist team is equipped to deal with your problems in an honest environment to help you face your reality in a better way. Our counseling program is designed to improve the quality of life and in this case teach you some valuable parenting skills to help you be what you always wanted. We are a non-judgmental support driven organization that will support you to enrich your capabilities. We have experienced professionals to insure you get the best treatment possible and encourage you to live your best life.
Sound heart counseling believes in confidentiality. Talks with your therapists are secrets.

Asking for help:
If you or someone you know is interested in this service, please feel free to contact us at SoundHeart Counseling for the appropriate diagnosis and treatment. You can also book an appointment immediately by clicking on the following link.

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