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Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities
Having a Learning difficulty means having a problem that affects how a person receives information and how it is performed. Where a person with learning difficulties suffers from the implementation of reading, writing, math, or understanding skills.
There is no relationship between learning difficulties and a person’s intelligence level. It is just a different understanding of what the student sees or hears, making his daily tasks more difficult. There are strategies that help students deal easily with these differences.
Types of learning disabilities are Impaired performance, Speech difficulties, Dyslexia Disability, Auditory disorder and Visual Disorder.
• Lack of enthusiasm for reading or writing.
• Problem keeping things.
• Work at a slow pace.
• Difficulty keeping directions.
• Lack of concentration.
• Lack of attention to detail or excessive attention to detail.
• Specific social skills.
• Difficult to remember what is being said.
• Lack of coordination in walking or sports.
• Difficulty understanding time.
• Unable to complete homework without help.
Dyslexia: It mainly affects a person’s ability to read, write and spell, and may sometimes affect memory, motor functions, spoken language and follow-up.
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHA): affects the person’s ability to concentrate, with hyperactivity and inability to sit still.
When to ask for help:
. It is difficult for parents to know whether a child is suffering from small learning disabilities or learning difficulties that need assistance from specialists.
“Sound heart counseling center helps you determine if your child has learning difficulties by doing a child’s assessment and testing”
Parents can learn if the child has learning difficulties when the child reaches the literacy and numeracy level. As the child develops and matures, the parents will observe the child’s ability, follow up the level of scientific achievement, the amount of study and preparation for the tests, and the result of this on the results of the test. And what the quantity of its readiness is not reflected on the outcome of the test.
Treatment of Learning Disabilities:
• The student needs specialized reading assistance, and other trained mathematics teacher to teach him ways to develop his educational and organizational skills.
• Speech therapy helps to overcome language disabilities and functional therapy will help you improve motor skills.

How we can help?
• We can help by using Speech therapy to overcome language disabilities and functional therapy to improve motor skills.

Ask us for help
If you or someone you know is infected with this disease or has some symptoms, please feel free to contact us at SoundHeart Counseling for the appropriate diagnosis and treatment. You can also book an appointment immediately by clicking on the following link.

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